Professional Staff

John Seager, President and CEO

John Seager is President and CEO of Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth), the nation’s largest grassroots population organization.

John was appointed to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by the Clinton Administration and also served as Chief of Staff for U.S. Representative Peter H. Kostmayer (D-PA), a senior member of the House Interior and Foreign Affairs Committee. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

A veteran of more than 50 political campaigns, John has authored hundreds of op-eds and articles on various aspects of population growth including links to aging, poverty, and social change. He has been a guest lecturer at more than 50 colleges and universities and has spoken to numerous environmental, religious, and community groups all across the U.S. on the environmental and human costs of rapid population growth.

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Program Staff

Field and Outreach

Media and Government Relations


Rebecca Harrington
Senior Director of Advocacy and Outreach
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Brian Dixon
Senior Vice President
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Marian Starkey
Senior Director of Publications
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Tanisha Humphrey
Deputy Field Director
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Stacie Murphy
Policy Director
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Lee Polansky
Senior Director of Executive Initiatives and Special Projects
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Lauren Salmiery
Field Coordinator
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Catherine Cameron
Senior Advisor for International Engagement
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Lindsay Apperson
Field Organizer
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Nur Sattar
Field and Outreach Fellow
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Rachel Walker-Kulzick
Field and Outreach Fellow
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Fundraising and Administration Staff

Marketing and Development

Membership and Administration

Shauna Scherer, CFRE
Vice President for Marketing and Development
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Maria Orozco-Marquez
Vice President of Administration and Membership Servces, Chief Financial Officer
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Nicole Martin
Senior Director of Marketing
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Jessica Duarte
Director of Membership Services
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Jennifer Lynaugh
Director of Individual Giving
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Vondra Malloy
Membership Assistant
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Natalie Widel
Director of Digital Marketing
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Maxine Williams
Administration Assistant
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Abigail Lunetta
Planned Giving Manager
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Garolyn Clemons
Administrative Assistant
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Zoe Pezzanite
Individual Giving Manager
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Heaven Edwards
Senior Membership Relations Coordinator
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Maeve Doolittle
Membership Relations Coordinator
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Makenzie Lowe
Marketing Coordinator
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