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Why Won’t We Help Her?

What does the US do when ISIS rapes and impregnates a girl? Not enough.
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Right now, thousands of women and girls around the world are being forced to carry the child of a rapist – sometimes a soldier, sometimes a terrorist, or sometimes even a relative. As groups like ISIS and Boko Haram use rape as a weapon of war, this problem has only intensified.

Yet America’s foreign policy tells those women, “You’re on your own.”

A deadly 1973 law known as the Helms Amendment prohibits U.S. foreign aid from funding abortion “as a method of family planning.” But for decades, politicians have treated this as a total ban on providing safe abortion care overseas – even in the case of rape, incest, or life-threatening pregnancies.

Click here to read the stories of real women and girls who might have been helped if not for the Helms Amendment.

#FixOnDayOne is a campaign to demand that the presidential candidates fix Helms on day one if they’re elected. Even as we continue our years-long effort to push the Obama Administration to fix this problem, this campaign is pressuring our next president by lifting up this issue in the media, mobilizing activists on the ground, and getting candidates to make on-the-record commitments to fixing this problem.

Here are things you can do right now to help move the campaign forward:

1) Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders promised to #FixOnDayOne. Thank them for their commitment.

2) Demand that Donald Trump tell us where he stands.

3) Make a donation to Population Connection Action Fund.

4) Get up-to-the-minute campaign info on Facebook and Twitter.

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