Five Times Hillary Clinton Won the Debate

By Natalie Widel

Very few sane people would argue that Donald Trump came anywhere near winning last night’s debate, but Secretary Hillary Clinton was on fire. Here are five times she won.

1. When she mentioned guaranteed equal pay and raising the minimum wage in the first five minutes.

Hillary Clinton Debate Photo














2. When she reminded the Donald that he lives in a different world where facts seem to be irrelevant.











3. When she dragged Donald Trump, for his accusation that she started the birther movement accusing President Barack Obama of not being an U.S. citizen, with this delightful burn. We hope Donald Trump has aloe vera in his bag.

4. When she called him out for his endless barrage of sexist remarks.

Hillary Debate Quote about Trump














5. When she carried herself with presidential “stamina,” “temperament,” and grace despite the non-stop manterruptions. She was interrupted 70 times. 



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