Richard Burr: the Mike Pence of North Carolina

Lauren Salmiery

As November 8th comes closer with each bang of your head on the desk, the press and the people continues to obsess over the race for the White House. What’s next? When will it all be over?

While our daily news feeds are clogged with the disturbing – and frankly gross – behavior of Donald Trump, campaigns for other offices are also crucial: like the one for U.S. Senator in North Carolina. With the Senate majority up for grabs, incumbent senator Richard Burr (R-NC) has joined forces with Donald Trump to advance his election and gain traction in his home state.

Known by North Carolinians as the former 5th District Representative and a decade-long Senator, Richard Burr is seeking reelection to his third term. While Governor Pat McCrory’s extremism and Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence’s anti-woman laws have made headlines since picked as Trump’s running mate, Senator Burr’s efforts to restrict women’s control over their own bodies has been largely ignored. That doesn’t mean that he is any less dangerous for women.

So why would the incumbent Senator be a poor choice?

Richard Burr is a threat to women at home and around the world. He has voted to strip reproductive health care from women who rely on Planned Parenthood and to shutter clinics throughout the developing world. He voted against reducing teen pregnancy through education and contraception and opposes comprehensive access to contraception. Senator Burr wants to reverse Roe v. Wade and opposes equal pay for women.

Infrequently spotted in his home state of North Carolina, Burr has spent much of his time in Washington cozying up to the Trump-Pence ticket. Yes, that would be the misogynistic, demeaning, and fear-mongering campaign that even other Republicans are distancing themselves from. Since the release of tapes in which Donald Trump was heard describing his unwanted sexual advances towards women, Richard Burr has forgiven Trump for the “indefensible statements.”

Burr went on to excuse so called “locker room talk” and to pretend that the outrage over Trump’s comments were because of a dirty word. Rather than standing up for women’s health and safety, Burr has continued to offer his full support for Trump’s campaign. Does Burr also “forgive” Trump for creeping in on Miss Teen Universe contestants while they were undressed? Does he “forgive” Trump for grossly ogling and promising to date a ten year old as she rode up an escalator? Does he “forgive” Trump for his actual groping and assaulting of women on airplanes, and his disturbing attack on a magazine reporter while his pregnant wife waited upstairs for a joint interview? Does he forgive Trump for his lifelong objectification of girls and women? Or his flagrant racism?

Perhaps he has, not that Trump has even asked for forgiveness, nor is it Burr’s to give. But voters in North Carolina shouldn’t forgive Burr for that, nor for his support of the ongoing assault on the reproductive freedom of girls and women around the world.

As for the future of North Carolina?

Fortunately, North Carolina has a better option. Deborah Ross is the brave Democrat challenging the incumbent Senator Burr. For 10 years, Ross has fought for equal rights, equal pay, and climate change mitigation in the North Carolina General Assembly. Ross has worked to protect reproductive rights, and stands up for women and their families.

As North Carolina heads to the polls this November, the nation will be watching to see which side of history the state will stand on. We’re hoping it’s the future.

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