Nine Ridiculous Election Moments That Weren’t Even From Donald Trump

Lindsay Apperson

  1. Carly Fiorina claimed she saw a video showing Planned Parenthood employees saying they needed to keep a fetus alive to harvest its brain. Wonder if she also thinks that Joseph built the Egyptian Pyramids to store grain or if that’s just Ben Carson.

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  1. Oh, and don’t forget when Ted Cruz said that allowing abortions in case of rape is an unfair punishment for the fetus. Evidently, the idea that carrying the baby of a rapist can be a traumatizing and unjust punishment for the woman never crossed his mind.



  1. Facing criticism for her terrible record on women’s health, Kelly Ayotte, incumbent Senator of New Hampshire running for reelection, handed out some free condoms at her campaign event to show her ‘dedication’ to reproductive healthcare. Pretty sure the six years she has spent voting against women’s health outweighs the few hours she spent handing out free condoms. And she called Donald Trump a role model for children.



  1. In the midst of the mass Zika-induced public health crisis, Marco Rubio, running for reelection for in Florida, said that women infected with Zika shouldn’t have access to abortion, even though the virus causes serious birth defects. 



  1. Darryl Glenn, GOP candidate for U.S. Sen. in Colorado, called pregnancies as a result of rape a “gift from god.” There are no words.



  1. Rob Portman, incumbent Senator of Ohio, traded in his presidential endorsement of one misogynist for another one. After condemning Trump for his anti-women comments, Portman turned to support anti-women crusader, Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

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  1. … Speaking of Mike Pence … During the VP debate, Pence claimed that he and Trump “would never support legislation that would punish women” who choose to have abortions. Guess he forgot about how his state literally punished Purvi Patel.



  1. Richard Burr of North Carolina said that he had “certainly forgiven” Trump for his boastful comments on sexually assaulting women. He also dismissed women’s sexual assault allegations against Trump, stating he “takes Trump for his word.” Glad to know where he stands.

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  1. Later, in an ultimate display of Trump-pandering, Burr echoed Trump’s earlier “second amendment” comments by “joking” about gun owners shooting Hillary Clinton and vowing that if she is elected, he’d fight to make sure that the vacant Supreme Court seat remains vacant for four more years… Never thought this would have to be asked… but can someone PLEASE tell the GOP that making death threats is not a viable campaign strategy?

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