One of Trump’s first acts–Slashing Access to Birth Control

Natalie Widel

Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to force abortion into the shadows, at home and all over the world.

Just two days after millions of women took to the streets around the world in protest, they have decided to undermine women’s health, rights and security around the world.

By executive diktat, Trump imposed the Global Gag Rule, making it illegal for any overseas health clinic that receives U.S. aid to even talk about abortion. It’s classic Trump — bullying women and their most trusted health care providers.

This is where the fight starts — right here, right now. Trump’s and Pence’s hostility to women and their disdain for helping those in need are harbingers of the policies they’re going to force on all of us.

We can’t be silent. Together, we can put Trump and Pence on notice right now—we’ll send a message that you’ll hold them accountable for this assault on women’s rights!

When doctors can’t tell their patients where to go for care, women suffer. Globally, 47,000 women die every year from unsafe abortions. And instead of sending help, Trump and Pence are going to make it harder for women to find not only safe abortion care, but contraceptives as well. It’s an assault on women’s rights, women’s health, and every woman’s ability to choose what’s best for herself, her family, and her community.

It’s a policy both cruel and stupid: when it was in effect during the administration of George W. Bush, it caused the abortion rate in several African countries to double. Not surprising because it cut off access to birth control.

Take action now by adding your name to our pledge to hold Trump and Pence accountable. They started this fight, and we need to send a signal that we’re not going to back down. Add your name now!

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