We’re launching our new campaign to fight back against attacks on reproductive rights. Are you ready to #Fight4HER?

Lindsay Apperson

There are at least 225 million women around the world who want to prevent or delay pregnancy but lack access to affordable and appropriate birth control. 47,000 women die from unsafe abortions every year. Real investment in women’s health and family planning drastically reduces maternal and child mortality, and empowers women and girls around the world.

Yet, the new administration has already made a point of curbing women’s access to reproductive healthcare. The Monday after he took office, Trump stripped women around the world of their access to critical reproductive health services by imposing and expanding the Global Gag Rule. This deadly policy bars foreign health organizations from receiving U.S. foreign aid if they even mention the world abortion. Because of Trump, millions of women around the world who rely on U.S.-funded family planning programs are at risk of losing access to critical reproductive healthcare programs.

Trump’s global gag is only the first of many attacks on reproductive rights and health that we expect to see over the next four years. We know that policies aimed to control women’s reproductive choices are proven to have real, deadly consequences for women around the globe. Despite the facts, the Trump administration is on a mission to undermine global health with policies that limit women’s access to reproductive health clinics, contraceptives, and safe abortion care.

We refuse to stand idly by as the new administration tries to strip women of their reproductive freedom. We will stand up. We will build power. And we will fight back against every policy that infringes on reproductive rights, for women both here at home and around the globe.

This is why we’re launching our Fight4HER campaign. We will tell Trump and his gang of anti-choice crusaders that we will not accept their efforts to undermine women’s health and empowerment.

Here at Population Connection Action Fund, we believe that every woman in the world should have access to affordable and appropriate contraception, and the education to use them effectively. We believe in reproductive justice, and that women’s rights are human rights.

Politicians determined to control women’s bodies and reproductive choices must be stopped. It is time to fight back, as hard as we can and with all that we have. We have the power to push back loudly and unapologetically against every attack on reproductive rights. But first, we need your help.

Join us in the Fight4HER as we push back against attacks on reproductive rights and freedoms for women here at home and around the globe. Fight4HER is now mobilizing action against Trump’s Global Gag Rule and in support of the newly renamed bill to block it, the Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights (HER) Act.

We have six organizers in six key states and communities:

For campaign updates and information on how to get involved, text FIGHT to 52886. Help us spread the word about the importance of fighting for women’s health, rights, and empowerment.

If we fight together, our voices will be too loud to go unheard. Join us today!

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