Ten Times Donald Trump was a “Champion” of Women. Right.

By Stacie Murphy, Policy Director

First Daughter and “assistant to the president” Ivanka Trump got up on a stage Tuesday morning in Berlin and talked about how her father is a “champion of women.” The audience hissed and booed. (It was, frankly, glorious.)

But Ivanka insists that he has a long history of “supporting and empowering” women. So let’s just take a look at some of that history, shall we?

Here are ten things Donald Trump has done that demonstrate how he feels about women:

1. He reinstated (and vastly expanded) the Global Gag Rule. It will cut off funding to some of the most experienced and effective family planning providers in the developing world. And women are going to die as a result. (You can join our #Fight4Her campaign if you want to get involved in ending this atrocious policy).

2. He eliminated US funding to the United Nations Population Fund. UNFPA works around the world in more than 150 countries. They work to end female genital mutilation/cutting, gender based violence, and child marriage. They support girls’ education and respond to disasters with lifesaving aid. Cutting funding empowers women how?

3. He’s targeting Planned Parenthood. He talked about defunding them during the campaign. And this month he signed a law that will let states target them.

4. He appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. His track record on reproductive rights and worker protections is not great. That’s why we opposed the nomination.

5. He said women should be “punished” for having abortions. Remember that? He ended up trying to walk it back, but he was pretty explicit in the moment.

6. Grabbing them by the p—y. Let’s just take a moment to really remember this one. The current president of the United States bragged, on tape, about how he could get away with groping the genitals of unsuspecting women. Then he said he didn’t ever actually do that. Then a bunch of women came forward and said he’d done it to them. Then he called them all liars and threatened to sue them.

7. His budget. Proposing a budget outline that’s practically guaranteed to hurt women and families around the world. It has huge cuts to foreign aid, programs to economically empower women, and the office tasked with advancing women’s rights around the world.

8. He has a history or sexist remarks about women’s appearances. Lots and lots (and lots) of sexist remarks about women’s appearances.

9. This tweet about sexual assaults in the military:

10. He can’t stand
Nasty Women. Although honestly, that one is just fine by me. We don’t like him, either.

(video credit to @KerryGFlemming)

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