The Republican Health Care Bill is Stupid, Mean, and Underhanded. We Have to Beat It.

By Stacie Murphy, Policy Director

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced that he was postponing the vote on the Senate’s version of the Republican healthcare bill until after the July 4th recess. The vote had been scheduled for Thursday.

This is a victory, there’s no question. But this was a battle, not the war. The bill is delayed, but it’s not dead yet.

It’s a stupid bill. It defunds Planned Parenthood, which the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says will increase the number of unintended pregnancies in the United States.

It’s a mean bill. It kicks millions of people off their insurance, and research says that people without health insurance are likelier to die in a given year.

It’s an underhanded bill. It will let insurance companies strip your coverage if they decide you’re costing them too much money.

It’s stupid, and mean, and underhanded. And it’s coming back.

It’s not really even a healthcare bill; it’s a tax cut for rich people. Don’t believe me? Head over here to see a visualization (and get your scrolling finger ready). The bottom line? The Senate bill gives a giant tax cut to the 400 richest American families and pays for it by taking health insurance away from more than 725,000 people. Are you angry yet? Read that sentence again, then get angrier.

The good news is—we can kill it.

Protests against this bill scared some GOP senators away from supporting it. Just in the last week there have been Handmaids, disabled activists dragged from their wheelchairs in the hallways of a Senate office building, and a dance-party outside Mitch McConnell’s D.C. home.

The delay is good. It gives us time to catch our breath, time to plan even bigger, louder protests. And time to make sure even more people know just exactly how bad this bill is.

This bill is coming back, and we have to do everything in our power to stop it.

In our favor: the fact that GOP opposition to the bill is coming from the moderates (or what passes for moderate nowadays) and the extreme right. Changing the bill to satisfy one end of the spectrum risks driving the other side further away. And McConnell can only afford two Republican “No” votes, since Democrats have been unanimous and unwavering in their opposition.

Find your senators here. Call them. Tell them to say NO to the Republican healthcare bill.

We have to kill this bill. We have to make it so unpopular, so toxic, that it withers up and dies. We can do it, but there’s no margin for error and no time to waste.

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