“Captain Obvious” Fact of the Day: White Supremacists Are Misogynists Too

By Stacie Murphy, Policy Director

Someone asked me this morning if I saw Trump’s presser yesterday. I said that I never watch him live, I always just pick up the highlights (lowlights?) through Twitter and news reports. It’s like eclipse glasses for stupid.

They’re not enough this week.

Nazis marched on Charlottesville. One of them rammed his car into a group of protesters and killed social justice advocate Heather Heyer. It took Donald Trump two days (TWO DAYS!) to tepidly say that violent white supremacy is bad. It took him about another minute to walk that back, asserting in an unscheduled press conference yesterday that there were actually “some very fine people” there to march and shout about Jews while throwing Nazi salutes.

Many Republican members of Congress have released condemnatory statements, although way too many of them manage to avoid explicitly mentioning Trump. The late night hosts have had no such reticence, and they have been on point.

We don’t actually need any additional reasons to stand against these disgusting groups. But just in the spirit of pointing out one more way they suck: in addition to being white supremacists, they’re also dedicated misogynists.

There’s more than a little of the Third Reich’s “Kinder, Kirche, Kuche” philosophy underpinning today’s white supremacist movements, and it’s not at all hard to find. (You can wade through that sewer if you like, but I’m not linking to any of it.)

Intertwined racism and misogyny in America express themselves in all sorts of ways: Asian women are subservient dolls; black women are hypersexual; “white womanhood” has to be protected. (And, btw, special call out to the way-too-many white women who are willing to go along with that last part. I saw some of you marching with those dudes with the torches. You realize you’re mostly just breeding stock to those guys, right? @me all you want.)


There’s a little hint of that “defense of white womanhood” crap on display in the excellent (and disturbing) Vice News report about the rally. At about 3:50, one of the organizers says his ideal leader is one like Donald Trump, but “who doesn’t give his daughter to a Jew.” He goes on to lament having to watch “that Kushner bastard walking around with that beautiful girl.”

Being no fan of Ivanka Trump, I really, really hate that this jerk has put me in the position of having to advocate for her. But here we are, so, newsflash: Ivanka Trump is a fully-realized adult woman (not a girl). She is responsible for her own decisions and was not and could never be “given” by anyone to anyone else. But this guy can’t acknowledge that, of course, because the notion of women’s sexual and reproductive autonomy threatens a power structure that benefits him.

I’m going to keep working every day to do everything I can to burn that structure to ashes.

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