Join the #Resistance with Population Connection Action Fund

By Sarina Weiss, Summer Stanback Intern

Starting on November 9th, a grassroots movement sprung up around the country and has been shaking our political foundation from the ground up ever since. This summer, Population Connection Action Fund, our activists and our partner organizations have joined together in a coordinated effort to resist Donald Trump’s detrimental political agenda.

The #resistance began when activists and organizations in all 50 states pledged to support local interests, to expand intersectional partnerships, and to hold all of our elected officials accountable. We couldn’t be more excited to do our part.

Throughout the summer, Population Connection Action Fund staff and supporters have attended resistance events on Capitol Hill and across the country.  We have stood alongside fearless activists at Senate office sit-ins; raised our voices with fellow organizers at Capitol Hill rallies; and supported our grassroots advocates as they spoke out against threats to healthcare for all.  Our activists have spoken up at local town halls, posed tough questions to their elected officials, and rallied together to make sure that all of our voices are heard.

Right now, across the country, more and more communities, organizers and activists are stepping up and speaking out.

We’ve put together our best tips to help you fight back, too. By using our brand new Resistance Toolkit, your activism will be effective, efficient, and easy. Each week there will be new calls to action with information on how to be an activist for the #Fight4HER campaign. Right now, there are a number of ways that you can hold your elected officials accountable while they’re home for August recess.

You can find tips and templates for the best ways to get your members of Congress to hear you, like calling their local and D.C. offices, engaging with them on social media, and planning lobby visits. There are many ways to engage with local media, too. Use our step-by-step guides for writing op-eds and LTEs!  If you’re feeling fired up and ready to host a resistance activity, check out the materials for building power in your community and hosting your own resistance events.

Fighting for global reproductive rights is more important now than ever. Together, let’s show the Trump administration and the Republican Congress what we can do.  We can’t wait to grow the resistance with you, and to stand up for reproductive health and rights for all!

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