By Stacie Murphy, Policy Director

So this week’s was yet another one for the history books, and all I can say is, I JUST CANNOT WITH THESE PEOPLE, RIGHT NOW.

Is it a hashtag? I think it should be a hashtag. #IJCWTPRN. Let’s make it trend, people.

I know I can’t be the only one feeling like that basically all the time now, right?

Anyway, the people with whom I just cannot right now, in no particular order:

• Whoever wrote that crazy wish list that got ahold of: Cutting Title X—the federal family planning program that helps low income women and families by 50% and moving the money to “fertility awareness” methods?! Are you kidding me?

Look, real talk: “fertility awareness” can work for some people–if the ovulating partner is super regular and can reliably identify ovulation; if both partners are absolutely dedicated to avoiding pregnancy-causing activities on even remotely risky days, etc. Yeah, it can work. But in real life? About a quarter of couples who use it get pregnant within a year. Maybe not the best idea to take away IUDs and offer calendars instead.

Scott Lloyd, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, who won’t let Jane Doe get her abortion. Have you been following this story? Undocumented, unaccompanied minor, in the custody of the US government, 17 years old, pregnant and does not want to be. She’s got the money, she’s gotten judicial permission. But she can’t get an abortion. The court ordered the government to back off, the government filed an appeal. She’s 15 weeks pregnant, and you can’t get an abortion in Texas after 20 weeks. Hmmm. Wonder what they could be up to, here?

• Martha Shuping, who was caught on tape feeding a roomful of California nurses propaganda about abortion. And the state of California, although they have since cracked down on this kind of crap, gets a little side-eye for not having done so earlier.

As always (Always. Every single day and forever), Donald Trump: This one goes without saying right?

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