Why We March

By Stacie Murphy, Director of Congressional Relations

There are a lot of anniversaries coming in the next few days.

Tomorrow at noon, it will have been one year since Donald Trump took the oath of office. A day later, one year since more than 5 million women all over the world took to the streets in protest.

And what a year it’s been.

A radically-expanded Global Gag Rule.

The defunding of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).


The suggestion that the U.S. should zero out international family planning funding.

Trying to cut Title X funding in half.

The government trying (really hard) to stop pregnant minors in the government’s custody from accessing abortion care.

Attacks on the Affordable Care Act. Attacks on the birth control benefit. Attacks on, well, pretty much everything related to women or reproductive rights that anyone progressive ever cared about.

It’s so, SO fitting that just at the one year mark, we get headlines about Donald Trump paying off a porn star right before the election to stop a story about how he had unprotected sex with her only months after his third wife gave birth to their child. And that before the ink was even dry on those headlines, Donald Trump, that stalwart defender of family values, would speak about the evils of abortion at the annual March for Life. (Anyone out there think Trump wouldn’t have paid for Stormy Daniels to have an abortion if he’d gotten her pregnant? Anyone? I didn’t think so.)

It’s been a really long year.

But we’re still here. We’re still fighting, and in a lot of ways we’re stronger than we were a year ago. We’re better organized. People who never paid attention to politics before have gotten involved. Groups that recruit women to run for office have thousands of women coming to them now, women who never ran for anything before, but who knew they had to step up.

And tomorrow? We’re marching again. All over the country. Are you with us?

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