#Fight4HER Launches Third Annual Summer of HER

On June 1st, #Fight4HER will launch its third annual Summer of HER program. We are thrilled to have 129 fellows in our eight target states—Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania—who will help drive the #Fight4HER campaign, gaining invaluable experience fighting for reproductive health and rights using grassroots organizing tactics. Fellows will spend the summer learning skills to organize and mobilize their communities, and ultimately to be a part of the movement to make a difference in the 2020 elections.

While a pandemic has made this summer unlike any before it, the Summer of HER fellows are as dedicated to defending reproductive freedom as ever. Each state’s cohort will begin the summer by working remotely to collect petitions to call on members of Congress to repeal the Global Gag Rule and pass the Global HER Act, Get Out the Vote for pro-choice candidates, and assist with planning and executing HER Summits in their states.

We are proud to announce our 2020 Summer of HER fellows, and look forward to working alongside these dedicated reproductive health and rights defenders over the next few months. We know how important this fight is as we approach the 2020 elections, we know how eager the Summer of HER fellows are to get to work, and we know that together, we can win the #Fight4HER!

Phoenix, Arizona

Ezri Tyler, Tiffany Rascon, Lauren Parkey, Jacqueline Lemke, Annika Sra, Sarah Murray, Jennifer Tran, Monica Barrientos, Jasmine Kempy, Jasmine Khattra, Asha Ramakumar, Nicole Kallima Haikalis, Rachel Jones, Eden Wein, Nicole Wilemon, Emily Pearce, and Paige Daniel

Tucson, Arizona

Becca Walton, Bri Johnson, Crystal Wainwright, Danielle D’Angelo, Emma Encinas, Itzel Rosales-cozamayotl, Julian Armenta, Kai Leigh Harriott, Kyrah Hughley, Lily Wexler, Madison Peterson, Ranjana Iyer, Sydney Peterson, Vivian Morrison, and Yakeleen Almazan

Denver, Colorado

Kaclyn Tagani, John Singleton, Treya Pember, Simone Adhikari, Ehna Choi, Olivia Fisher, Lauren Hayden, Mayra Valdez, Katy Foley, Andrew Blanco, Geneva Hein, and Furyal Mian,

Las Vegas, Nevada

Abigail Herrera, Alexa Martin Del Campo, Alexandra Elliott, Amanda Ecret, Andrea Shay, Angelica Shenouda, Celene Fuller, Coby Carner, Emilie Dute, Fancisco Barakas Jr., Jennifer Haber, Mabel Jae Masino, Nichole Beer, Shayla Williams and Yoana Ontiveros

New Hampshire and Maine

Jacqueline Broz, Elizabeth Boucher, Kat Leiger, Morgan Blake, Alexis Messina, Caitlin Tricomi, Serenity Faithbrother, Bailey Noble, Maggie Murray, Meagan Murphy, Skyler Noble, and Sarina Abraham 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Alex Shahrier, Victor Buban, Dorothy “Jenny” Teague, Caroline Martin, Gabrielle Loppe, Clara Love, Alison Ayun-Agualo, Jialynn Huang, Michaiah Wilson, Alyssa Rushing, Diane Gildehaus, Dakota Evans, Alex Underwood, Girija Joshi, and Serena Singh

Columbus, Ohio

Emma McElderry, Lalitha Pamidigantam, Shelby McSwords, Natalie West, Anisha Varatharajah, Tabitha Baughman, Ellen Kalb, Audrey Leopold, Carrie Kubicki, Sara Sexton, Hannah Bird, MJ Levin, Gina Falvo, Kelly Hall, and Lydia Robertson

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Shelly Zaid-Kunz, Miranda Floyd, Talia Hawkins, Cydney Wilson, Jessice Bice, Chanaly Rodriguez, Samantha Schlundt, Claire Foley, Sharon Getsis, Hadar Re’em, Lara Struckman, Jeanette Castillo, Emma Cornine and Marlee Davis

Take a look at this awesome video from Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH-1) welcoming our Summer of HER fellows!

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