June National Volunteer Call Recap

On June 17th, over 140 activists across the United States came together on our monthly #Fight4HER National Volunteer Call for a conversation with advocates working to advance reproductive rights and justice around the world. If you weren’t able to join us, you can watch the recording below.

To start, #Fight4HER Project Director Toni Bellante addressed the white privilege, white supremacy, and police brutality that continues to plague our country. As a campaign focused on ensuring access to reproductive health care worldwide, #Fight4HER is directly linked to the fight for racial justice. Reproductive health and rights for all includes people from all racial backgrounds, and we cannot #Fight4HER without also fighting systemic racism and being actively anti-racist.

After Toni introduced the focus of the call, we were joined by Maya Hart, a SisterSong organizer and birth worker, who explained the principles of reproductive justice and discussed how SisterSong works to strengthen and amplify the collective voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in order to eradicate reproductive oppression, ensure human rights, and achieve reproductive justice.

Activists also heard firsthand accounts from #Fight4HER advocate Melvine Ouyo and Dickson Okong’o, Executive Director of Stretchers Youth, about the devastating effects of the Global Gag Rule in Kenya and how COVID-19 has exacerbated these impacts and further restricted access to comprehensive reproductive health care in their communities.

Towards the end of the call, #Fight4HER organizers shifted the focus to the upcoming November election. This election can be a major turning point in the fight for reproductive rights, but there is work that must still be done.

Not only do we need to vote Trump out of office, but we must also elect a majority of reproductive health and rights champions in the House and Senate to pass the Global HER Act, repeal the Helms Amendment, restore funding to UNFPA, and prioritize an increased investment in international family planning and reproductive health.

Nearly 90 activists from the June National Volunteer Call pledged to be #Fight4HER voters and use their voices—and votes—to stand up for global reproductive freedom. Now, it’s your turn. Join them and take the pledge today.

The monthly National Volunteer Call is an opportunity for members of the #Fight4HER community to come together and learn about reproductive rights and ways to take action to expand and protect those rights. You can sign up now for our July call, which will be a more in-depth conversation about the intersections between our work, reproductive justice, and racial justice.

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