July National Volunteer Call Recap

On July 29, over 100 activists from across the country came together during our monthly #Figh4HER National Volunteer Call for an important conversation about reproductive justice. If you were unable to join us, you can watch the recording below.

Activists were able to learn from a panel of reproductive justice advocates, including Maya Hart, the North Carolina Coordinator of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, Jessica Roach and Dorian Wingard, the CEO and COO of Restoring Our Own Through Transformation (ROOTT), and Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, known as “Dr. T”, a medical doctor, author, and newly appointed Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health at the United Nations, as they discussed how we can apply a reproductive justice framework in the fight for reproductive rights in the U.S. and across the world.

Jessica Roach and Dorian Wingard

During the panel, speakers shared crucial insight into the reproductive justice framework, and how we can center equity and justice in our fight to expand reproductive health and rights around the world. Maya Hart reminded activists that racism and restrictions on access to reproductive health care are inherently linked. Jessica Roach and Dorian Wingard talked to activists about the need to address the overarching systems of oppression that impact people around the world, while centering the experiences of people in our communities who face heightened barriers in accessing reproductive health care. Dr. T spoke about how U.S. policies violate the principles of reproductive justice worldwide, and called on activists to stand up for global reproductive freedom by supporting the newly introduced Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act to repeal the Helms Amendment.

Ending the Helms Amendment and the Global Gag Rule are critical to ensuring reproductive justice worldwide, because they seek to control the bodies of Black and brown people around the world by withholding funding for abortion, an essential health care service. We #Fight4HER to end these racist, neo-colonial policies so that everyone, everywhere, has agency and autonomy over their own health and lives.

Nearly 700 activists have contacted their legislators and asked them to co-sponsor the bill. Join them and reach out to your legislators today.

Maya Hart

Before the call wrapped up, we shared some exciting news—the third annual HER Summit is still on! We’ll be hosting two digital Summits on Saturday, August 29, where activists will have the opportunity to hear from elected officials, candidates, and reproductive health experts about how they can make a difference in the upcoming election.

November will be a critical moment for reproductive rights here in the U.S. and around the world. To get involved and fight for candidates who will champion global reproductive freedom, sign up for the Digital HER Summit here.

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