Five Times Cory Gardner Was a Complete and Utter Hypocrite

Cory Gardner on July 31, 2015 | USGLC

Senator Cory Gardner has represented Colorado in the U.S. Congress for 10 years, and during that entire time, he has been a total hypocrite. Here are just a few infuriating instances.

  1. Gardner has told voters that he’s “a new kind of Republican,” but it turns out, once elected, he just falls in line with the rest of the Republicans and their anti-choice agenda. He’s cosponsored legislation to restrict access to abortion, has spread misinformation that stigmatizes abortion, has refused to support the Global HER Act to put an end to Trump’s deadly Global Gag Rule, and has voted to confirm several anti-choice federal judges for lifetime appointments. There’s nothing new about these same, old anti-choice tactics.
  2. Actually, Gardner is really, really against reproductive rights. He’s voted to defund Planned Parenthood 10 times, despite the wide range of reproductive health care services clinics provide outside of abortion. But during his first Senate race, he tried to downplay his anti-repro leanings by opposing an anti-abortion ballot measure, even though he was still cosponsoring legislation that basically said the same thing. This didn’t exactly trick anyone.
  3. In 2016, when the Access Hollywood recording of Trump bragging about sexual assault was made public, Gardner said, “I cannot and will not support someone who brags about degrading and assaulting women.” But now, Gardner doesn’t seem to have an issue hosting rallies with Trump or running ads about their close relationship. In fact, he votes in line with Trump almost 90% of the time. I guess sexual assault wasn’t such a deal breaker after all.
  4. The day after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away, Gardner said that “before the politics begin” our nation needed time to mourn RBG and “reflect on a great woman who led our nation’s highest court.” Then, just two days later, he went back to playing politics, announcing that he would vote to confirm Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. That was a quick mourning period.
  5. But his hypocrisy around RBG’s replacement doesn’t stop there. He’s made it clear that he’s ready and willing to vote on Trump’s nominee, despite refusing to vote on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court in 2016. Back then, the next election was “too soon and the stakes [were] too high.” That doesn’t seem to be an issue this time around, even though the election is already happening and the stakes have never been higher.

Gardner is a hypocrite without the spine to actually do what’s right by his constituents. He cannot be allowed to spend another six years in the Senate, promising one thing and doing another. He cannot be trusted, and Coloradans deserve better. That’s why #Fight4HER is working around the clock to elect John Hickenlooper, a champion of reproductive rights for all.  Sign up today and join us as we get out the vote for John Hickenlooper, a candidate that voters can actually trust.

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