Download Our New 2020 Congressional Report Card!

Nick Anderson Editorial Cartoon used with the permission of Nick Anderson, the Washington Post Writers Group, and the Cartoonist Group. All rights reserved.

You’ll notice that this year’s Congressional Report Card has a new format. We’ve grouped legislators together based on their scores. In recent years, it became apparent that nearly everyone in Congress had either a 100 percent record, or a zero. That’s what you’ll see here, with a tiny number of exceptions in each house.

We’ve also included information about some of the candidates that we’ve endorsed in this year’s election. It’s a small sample of the truly impressive people we’re supporting. You can find the entire list at

One of the candidates you’ll read about is Joe Biden, whom we endorsed prior to his naming Sen. Kamala Harris his running mate. They say that the first important decision a president makes is choosing a vice president, and in his choice of Sen. Harris, Joe Biden struck gold.

Sen. Harris is the first woman of color to run on the national ticket of a major party in this country. The daughter of immigrant parents from Jamaica and India, she has been a trailblazer her whole life.

She’s a champion of reproductive freedom around the world and has co-sponsored legislation to repeal the Global Gag Rule. In addition, she’s called for the repeal of other harmful policies, such as the Helms Amendment, which has for nearly 50 years barred the use of foreign assistance for safe abortion.

She’s been a leader in working toward environmental and climate justice and is the lead Senate sponsor of the Climate Equity Act to ensure that efforts to address the existential threat of climate change protect those communities most affected.

She has been a role model for millions in this country and around the world. She’ll be a great vice president.

We’re working toward big change this November. We hope you’ll use this report card as a guide, not just in the coming election, but afterwards as well. Take a minute to thank your representatives if they have a 100 percent score. Take a few minutes longer to press those who don’t to reconsider their positions.

Thank you for your support.

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