The Fourth Annual HER Summit Marks the End of the Summer of HER, but the #Fight4HER Continues On

Through eight weeks of workshops and trainings, 25 Summer of HER fellows have fought for reproductive health and rights for all. They have developed their skills as activists and galvanized grassroots networks of volunteers to demand that the Global HER Act be passed. 

We wrapped up the Summer of HER program with our fourth annual HER Summit. The Summit included speakers Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, the founder and CEO of Conservation Through Public Health in Uganda, and Dr. Michelle Dubón, the Medical Director at WINGS Guatemala. Both speakers led excellent sessions that engaged our 77 viewers and concluded with audience questions.  

Dr. Kalema-Zikusoka inspired our audience with her work with gorillas and other wildlife in Uganda. She spoke about the importance of the population, health, and environment approach to solving complex issues related to population pressures, reproductive health and rights, and environmental protection.

HER Summit attendees hear from Dr. Michelle Dubón about her work at WINGS Guatemala to improve access to reproductive health care

Our audience also had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Dubón about WINGS’ work in Guatemala to improve medical access to women and girls and about the success of their youth leadership campaigns.  

The Summit concluded with a congratulatory video from Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA-7). The congressman is a longtime champion of reproductive health and rights and has been a vocal advocate of the Global HER Act. Our activists and fellows enjoyed hearing his words of support as he encouraged our audience to continue to #Fight4HER.  

While the HER Summit marked the end of our Summer of HER program this year, our volunteers, activists, and Summer of HER fellows continue in their efforts to put an end to the Global Gag Rule. As we look ahead to the fall, our activists are ready to demand that the Senate include the language of the Global HER Act in their appropriations bill so that we can pass the Global HER Act and end the Global Gag Rule once and for all.  

If you couldn’t make it to the HER Summit, you can view the recording below and take the following three actions to join our efforts this fall to fight for reproductive health and rights around the world: 

  1. Sign up here to be a #Fight4HER Leader this fall to demand that the Senate ensure reproductive health and rights for all by passing the language of the Global HER Act in appropriations.  
  2. Take a moment to email your members of Congress, particularly your senators, and demand that they advocate for reproductive rights and health by co-sponsoring the Global HER Act.  
  3. Share this video on the extremely harmful impacts of the Global Gag Rule. You can retweet the video to remind your networks why you #Fight4HER.   
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