Activist Toolkit

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We educate activists about the impacts of population growth and the benefits of real investment in reproductive health and family planning.

We fight to ensure that every woman in the world has access to affordable and appropriate contraceptives, and the education to use them effectively.

We mobilize our grassroots supporters to advocate for progressive policies.

Become one of our engaged activists today and advocate for women’s reproductive rights around the world.

get involved



Lobby at Capitol Hill Days-1


Make our message heard


Help create a dialogue


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connect with us

Sign up for our Email Action Network, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for instant alerts, news updates, and ways to connect with our staff and volunteer network.

Repost our graphics and retweet to share our work with your online community.

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Social Media


speaking event

Table at community events


Request our materials and talking points to share with your community at student club meetings, group forums, and local events.

Use social media
Share our images and graphics and retweet us to help spread our message to your social media community. We regularly post the latest information on reproductive health and rights.

Write an oped
Make your voice heard by submitting an op-ed or a letter to the editor to local, state, and national newspapers. This will help raise awareness of reproductive rights and international family planning.

host a speaking event

Invited us to speak to your classroom, student organization, or community group about reproductive health and population issues.

hold politicians accountable

Lobby your officials

Your elected representatives want to hear from you! Call your senators and representatives to set up a meeting to discuss the importance of international family planning.

request a training

Request a grassroots organizing, bird-dogging, or lobby training from Population Connection Action Fund. We can provide expert information on our best techniques.

advocate for women's health

Check out our Congressional Report Card to see where your representatives stand on reproductive rights. Your voice is powerful, so help us send a message to ensure that our elected officials don’t forget that family planning matters to their constituents.

We want to hear from you

Keep us updated on what’s happening in your community or on your campus! Whether you host an event, attend a talk, or hear that a candidate or legislator is coming to your area — we want to know! Join Team PopConn to stay connected with our network and fill out this form to keep us in the loop about what’s happening in your community.