• Resistance Toolkit

    Build Power in Your Community

New to resistance? Attend your congressperson’s local townhall.

Now check out some more actions below!

Attend a townhall (1 hour)

Your congresspeople were elected to represent the interests of YOU and your constituency. Your senators and representatives should host townhalls to discuss issues that matter to their constituents.

Is your congressperson missing? (2 hours)

Share the message in your community (2 hours)


Host a house party, happy hour, or cookout (3 hours)

  • Host a house party, happy hour, or cookout to talk with your friends about the dangerous effects of Trump’s Global Gag Rule and why they should support the Global HER Act.
  • Check out our our Party Guide for ideas about activities and talking points.
  • Invite friends over to write letters or call your congresspeople. It’s a great way to increase engagement and have all of your voices heard.
  • Post about your event in Team PopConn afterward — we’d love to hear your stories!