Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar Work to Undermine International Support for Reproductive Rights at the UN

Stacie Murphy, Population Connection Action Fund’s Director of Congressional Relations, issued the following statement in response to Pompeo and Azar’s letter to the UN general assembly that urges countries to join a “growing coalition” of countries rallying against abortion:

Pompeo and Azar’s letter is yet another disingenuous attack on reproductive rights disguised as faux concern for families. It is a brazen attempt to undermine the United Nations’ commitment to promoting reproductive health for all. We’ve always known that the Trump administration has a breathtaking disregard for the truth and an utter disdain for the lives and well-being of vulnerable people around the world. This letter takes the administration’s attacks a step further by calling on other nations to deny people autonomy and access to the health care they need.