Population Connection Action Fund Letter in Response to an Article in The Federalist

October 26, 2018
Contact: Brian Dixon,  202-974-7744

The following letter was sent to “The Federalist” in response to an article published on Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

Dear Joy,

Wow, your article about Population Connection Action Fund and its sister organization Population Connection was a masterpiece of dishonesty. Starting with the headline.

“Linked to forcible sterilization campaigns”? Not even a little.

“Used to run human sterilization clinics” is an interesting way to say “worked with doctors to provide vasectomies to men who wanted them.”

Nowhere on our websites do we suggest that children are pollution.

In the early days of the grassroots organization, there was a wide array of ideas espoused: some good, some bad. High taxes on people for having children was one of the bad ideas – and it was quickly discarded. Today, we work to expand reproductive freedom to people everywhere. Coercive measures are violations of human rights. Nobody has the right to coerce another person to have an abortion, to be sterilized, or to use contraceptives. Just as nobody has the right to deny another person access to legal abortion, to voluntary sterilization, or to contraceptives.

We’ll neither deny, nor apologize for, supporting all people’s ability to freely choose whether, when and with whom to have children. That you consider families without children to not be families at all says pretty much all we need to know.

Frankly, it’s surprising that you were able to take some time off of smearing assault victims and murdered journalists to publish this scurrilous nonsense.

We understand that you hate the idea of individual sexual and reproductive autonomy. We understand that you hate us. And, in the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “we welcome that hatred.”


Brian Dixon
Sr. Vice President for Media and Government Relations
Population Connection Action Fund