Gag Rules Hurt People: Trump Doesn’t Care – Statement by Brian Dixon, Senior Vice President for Media and Government Relations at Population Connection Action Fund on Trump’s Gag Rules

Thursday, May 18, 2018
Contact: Brian Dixon, 202-489-5247

Gag Rules are simply terrible health policy. They are cruel. They are dangerous. They are stupid.

Unfortunately, those are three things the Trump administration sees as features in much of their agenda.

In their misguided effort to punish Planned Parenthood, they are undermining families across the country. Some three million people rely on Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. If those clinics aren’t available, many of those people – mostly women, of course – will have nowhere to turn.

We know how this will go. Because we’re seeing it happen now. In Texas, when the GOP legislature and Governor eliminated funding to women’s health clinics, women lost access to care. When Mike Pence imposed a policy like this in Indiana as Governor, HIV rates spiked in the part of the state most affected.

And Trump’s Global Gag Rule is closing clinics around the world that provide care to vulnerable women.  Left with no options, women are seeking unsafe abortions in alleyways and “curtain clinics,” which will cause maternal mortality rates to go through the roof.

Trump’s domestic gag rule will bring this terrifying reality stateside. Without Title X funding, American physicians will be forced to make the impossible choice providers around the world are already agonizing over: either accept aid and deny patients accurate and complete information and access to the full range of health care options; or refuse to accept these restrictions on patient care and lose desperately needed funding.

Either choice limits access to care and hurts vulnerable girls, women and people who rely on these providers. Nothing good will come from this. Trump doesn’t care.