Unconscionable. Grotesque. Disgraceful.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, February 22, 2018
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The decision to strip language highlighting violations of women’s rights from the State Department’s 2017 Human Rights Report is unconscionable. But it’s not surprising. This administration and this president — always side with abusers rather than their victims — especially when those victims are women.

The State Department will now use its Human Rights Reports to provide cover to violations of women’s fundamental human rights rather than to provide a tool for accountability. That’s grotesque.

That it’s going to further focus on “Coercion in Population Control” rather than on the equally coercive and far more widespread denial of reproductive health care and rights is further evidence of this administration’s utter contempt for women’s autonomy, humanity, and dignity. Denial of care isn’t — as Trump and Pence would have it — an act of faith; it’s an act of violence. And the refusal to acknowledge that in a report created to hold autocrats and oppressors accountable is just disgraceful.


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