Population Connection Action Fund Endorses Anthony Brindisi for Congress

June 6, 2018
Contact: Brian Dixon, 202-974-7744

Population Connection Action Fund announced that it has endorsed Anthony Brindisi for Congress from New York’s 22nd District.

Brian Dixon, the Sr. Vice President at Population Connection Action Fund, said, “In Albany, and in his campaign for Congress, Anthony Brindisi has demonstrated that he is a champion for vulnerable people everywhere. He offers a dramatic – and necessary – change from his opponent who in her two years has offered nothing but unqualified support for Donald Trump’s and Mike Pence’s agenda of casual cruelty”

Claudia Tenney supports, rather than fights, Trump’s imposition of the disgraceful Global Gag Rule, cutting off access to critical health care to people throughout the developing world. She offers support for the domestic gag rule designed to shutter Planned Parenthood clinics and undermine access to reproductive health care and contraceptives. She cheers the elimination of aid to UNFPA – an agency providing access to birth control and other important services to struggling families in 150 countries, including providing maternal health care to Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Brindisi says, “I’m proud to have Population Connection Action Fund’s support. Fighting for women’s health is not only about improving public health, it’s about giving women the power they deserve to make their own decisions. I have been an advocate for women’s reproductive rights my entire career. At a time when crucial family planning initiatives are increasingly under attack, I look forward to working with Population Connection Action Fund on our shared commitment to improving women’s rights at home and around the world.”

Dixon added, “It is time for Congress to stand up to shortsighted, misguided cruelty. It is time for Congress to stand up for the victims of human rights violations, not the violators. It is time for Congress to stand up for the rights of all people to choose their own futures. Anthony Brindisi has made clear that he will stand up and fight for health, empowerment and rights for people everywhere. We are proud to stand with him.