Population Connection Action Fund Endorses Danny O’Connor for Congress

August 6, 2018
Contact: Brian Dixon, 202-974-7744

Population Connection Action Fund announced that it has endorsed Danny O’Connor in the race for Congress in Ohio’s 12th District.

Brian Dixon, the Sr. Vice President at Population Connection Action Fund, said, “Danny O’Connor has dedicated his adult life to serving others. From veterans to immigrants to families in poverty, he has given of himself to improve the lives of others. Congress needs more people like Danny O’Connor to counter the current agenda of cruelty coming out of Washington.”

Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the Republican majority in Congress have pursued policies that make life harder and more dangerous for vulnerable people everywhere. The Global Gag Rule is shuttering health clinics in the poorest parts of the world and forcing doctors to deny care to some in order to provide it to others. The refusal to release aid to the United Nations Population Fund is denying crucial maternal and reproductive health care to people in desperate circumstances. The ongoing efforts to undermine affordable health coverage and the attacks on Planned Parenthood threaten to deny millions of Americans the health care they need.

Dixon said “Danny O’Connor will fight the Global Gag Rule, he will stand up for UNFPA and he will support policies that expand access to care rather than restrict it. He will respect science and evidence rather than deny it. He will try to solve problems rather than create them. The choice in this election is clear and it’s easy.”

Dixon added, “For too long, Congress and the White House have imposed policies that interfere in health care decisions of people in other countries. These policies are causing more unintended pregnancies, more unsafe abortions and more maternal deaths. It’s shameful. Danny O’Connor has made clear that he will stand up and fight for health, empowerment and rights for people everywhere. We are proud to stand with him.