Population Connection Action Fund Endorses Gary Peters for Congress

January 9, 2020
Contact: Brian Dixon, 202-974-7744

Population Connection Action Fund announced that it has endorsed Gary Peters for re-election to the United States Senate.

Brian Dixon, the Sr. Vice President at Population Connection Action Fund, said, “Senator Peters has always stood up for reproductive health and rights for people everywhere. He has fought this administration’s efforts to shutter clinics around the world. He has fought to ensure access in Michigan and across the country. He has earned another six years in the Senate.”

There are at least 214 million women in the developing world who want to prevent or delay pregnancy, but have an unmet need for contraceptives. Unsafe abortion remains a serious public health challenge in many countries. Investment in reproductive health and family planning programs are crucial to building healthier families, communities, and countries.

“Gary Peters stands up for health, empowerment, and rights. We are proud to stand with him,” Dixon added.