Statement by Population Connection Action Fund on Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

For immediate release: December 7, 2016
Contact: Brian Dixon, 202-974-7744 or

Donald Trump’s staffing decisions make clear his utter lack of interest in “making America great again.” America is great when we are inclusive and welcoming. America is great when we recognize and expand human rights, dignity, and equal opportunity to people previously left behind. America is great when we act to protect the health of vulnerable families and individuals.

But Trump’s appointments have thus far included:

  • A defender of injustice to be Attorney General;
  • A destroyer of public schools to oversee the Education Department;
  • A medical evidence ignorer to run the Health Department;
  • A promoter of outrageous conspiracy theories to be National Security Advisor; and,
  • A mouthpiece for white supremacists to take up a key post in the West Wing.
Scott Pruitt_2014
Scott Pruitt, Attorney General of Oklahoma

Today, his naming of climate change denier and fossil fuel industry lackey Scott Pruitt to be head of the Environmental Protection Agency is more of the same.

But it also means more asthma for poor children. More storms devastating poor communities. More undrinkable water for struggling families. More droughts and famines in the poorest countries.

Trump’s not making America “great.” He’s making it worse. Much. Much. Worse.