Statement Following the 2016 Presidential Election

To say that the outcome of this election is disappointing would be a grave understatement. Donald Trump’s victory as the president-elect is devastating to millions of Americans who voted and advocated for a more inclusive America. All of our progress in expanding access to family planning and reproductive rights, moving toward population stabilization, protecting the global environment and quality of life is threatened by the incoming administration.

Trump has called climate change “a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese government.” And while he hasn’t spoken out on or taken action about population growth and family planning specifically, he has not been shy about his plans to restrict women’s access to reproductive care. He has also surrounded himself with people who have – starting with his running mate- stopped at nothing to take away women’s rights to choose and access reproductive care. What they’ve said and done is chilling.

Mike Pence built his entire political career around efforts to shut down family planning clinics that serve low-income and vulnerable women across the country and around the world. It was Pence who began the effort – still going strong – to exclude Planned Parenthood from federal health programs.

And Marjorie Dannenfelser, head of Trump’s Pro-Life Coalition, is the leader of the rabidly anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List. She has led workshops to help Republicans use better talking points about denying safe abortion, even to victims of rape and incest.

Despite the disheartening outcome of this election, we can’t give up the fight

Investment in family planning and the empowerment of women at home and abroad is critical to building a healthier, more stable and prosperous world and we need to continue our work to make access to full reproductive care for women everywhere a reality.

We need to mobilize voters across the country to help block damaging proposals that will undermine family planning in the very places it is needed most. It won’t be easy, but with your help we’ll ultimately prevail. Now is not the time to despair and retreat. It is the time to unite and fight for equal rights and dignity for all.

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