Statement on Heather Nauert, Trump’s nominee for Ambassador to the United Nations

December 7, 2018       
Contact: Brian Dixon, 202-489-5247

Population Connection Action Fund’s Senior Vice President for media and government relations, Brian Dixon, issued the following statement on Trump’s nomination of Heather Nauert:

“It’s been obvious since the beginning of his term, but Donald Trump couldn’t care less about the role of the United States in the world. He defends dictators and enemies while alienating our strongest allies; he makes a mockery of diplomacy and undermines global efforts to build a stronger, safer, healthier world. So, honestly, appointing a Fox News talking head to represent our country at the United Nations is completely in character.

It’s appalling, for sure. Heather Nauert brings no experience, no understanding and, frankly, no interest in learning. Her main claim to this role is her willingness to defend the indefensible as a spokesperson. It’s hard to believe that this president could further diminish the view of the United States in the world, but this appointment is likely to do it.

The world’s got a lot of problems. And Donald Trump is one of them.”