Statement on Release of White House “Skinny Budget” by Brian Dixon, Sr. VP for Media and Government Relations

For Immediate Release: March 16, 2017

Donald Trump’s first budget proposal is exactly what we’ve come to expect. It provides more comfort to the comfortable while inflicting more pain on the already hurting.

It’s a lie to say this budget puts America first. It puts some Americans first. Not children. Not struggling families. Not the elderly.  And ultimately, by slashing the role of the Department of State and Agency for International Development, it makes America less secure by making the world less stable.

U.S. investment in global public health programs, economic development and environmental protection have helped to reduce poverty, expand opportunity and improve the lives of millions of families. That in turn helps bring stability. There’s a long way to go in all of these areas, especially in improving the lives, health, and status of women and girls around the world. This budget moves us backward.

This is the type of budget you would expect to see if the goal was to undermine civilization to enrich a few. Ohhhh, we get it now.

Contact: Brian Dixon