Statement on the Vote to Repeal the ACA

For Immediate Release: July 25, 2017

It’s hard to decide which Republican senator today should feel the most shame. Shelley Moore Capito lied to her constituents just two days ago. Dean Heller folded as soon as Trump mentioned his name. You could say that Ron Johnson lost his spine, but it’s not clear he ever had one in the first place. John McCain bravely returned to Washington to vote yes before lecturing everyone about why neither he nor they should have done so.

But really, did anyone think it would go differently? This is the gang that stole a Supreme Court seat in broad daylight. That regularly expresses “concern” and “dismay” at the appalling actions of the president and then votes to give him everything he wants. They should all feel shame — it’s unfortunate they’re incapable of it.

Contact: Brian Dixon