Statement by Population Connection Action Fund on the Nomination of Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State

When asked a direct question about whether he would support investment in global reproductive health and family planning programs, Sec. of State nominee Rex Tillerson demurred. That is disqualifying.

Access to family planning and reproductive health care is critical to a woman’s health, autonomy, dignity, and economic opportunity. In the words of former Secretary Madeleine Albright, “Family planning strengthens families, strengthens communities, and strengthens countries.”

The United States should be increasing its investment in these programs and Tillerson’s failure to support even today’s modest level is disturbing, discouraging, and, in the end, disqualifying.

Population Connection Action Fund calls on senators to reject his nomination.

Constituents–find your Senators here and call their offices TODAY asking them to stand strong against Tillerson’s nomination.

Brian Dixon