Women’s Health at Risk

Letter to the Editor of The New York Times

Re “Reproductive Rights in the Trump Era” (editorial, Dec. 7):

While states can mitigate some anticipated assaults on reproductive health and rights by the Trump-Pence administration abetted by Congress, no such resource exists to ameliorate near-certain attacks on international family planning.

We can expect a replay of the Reagan-Bush eras, with drastic funding cuts, reimposition of the global gag rule, which banned funding to oversees organizations that offered abortion advice or services, and a prohibition of aid to the United Nations Population Fund — the world’s largest multilateral provider of family planning.

Past experience demonstrated that such actions will curtail access to birth control and contribute to increases in infant and maternal mortality in many of the poorest places on earth. They will also result in more abortions, most of them unsafe.

President-elect Donald Trump’s unfocused Twitterization of complex issues, coupled with the extremism of Vice President-elect Mike Pence, could result in the total abdication of the United States’ leading role in global women’s health and rights — abandoning millions of vulnerable women and families. Who’s going to look out for them?

President, Population Connection