• Resistance Toolkit

We want YOU to join the effort to resist Donald Trump’s deadly political agenda. This Resistance Toolkit provides tips on how to be an effective and efficient activist.



Make an impact with the Resistance Toolkit. Stand up for global reproductive rights.

Read more about our best tips to amplify YOUR voice and make your congresspeople hear you.

Your senators and representatives check their local papers all the time. Read more on how to use the media to share our message.

The best way to resist is to cultivate power. Learn more on how to engage your community in the resistance.


Trump’s Global Gag Rule and the #Fight4HER Campaign:

  • #Fight4HER is Population Connection Action Fund’s campaign to defend reproductive freedom around the globe. We are mobilizing against Trump’s Global Gag Rule and supporting the Global Health Empowerment and Rights Act (the Global HER Act), which would permanently repeal this deadly policy.
  • Learn more about the Gag Rule and help spread the word.
  • Trump’s Global Gag Rule hurts millions of people in the most vulnerable circumstances. Check out our short video below about the people who will be most impacted by this policy.