Statement on Maggie Hassan’s Victory in New Hampshire Senate Race

Population Connection Action Fund released the following statement on Maggie Hassan’s victory in New Hampshire Senate race.

Statement from Brian Dixon, Senior Vice President of Population Connection Action Fund:

“Maggie Hassan’s victory is a win for New Hampshire, for America and for women around the world. New Hampshire has voted for a leader who has fought for equality and progressive values consistently. As a governor, Hassan has not only worked hard to increase access to health care and expand reproductive rights, but has also been an unwavering advocate for women’s right to choose.”

“Among other things, Hassan has created essential buffer-zones to protect the safety of reproductive-health providers and patients, increased Medicaid coverage to thousands of citizens, and signed the Paycheck Fairness Act into law. She has also worked to increase access to emergency contraception.”

“With her dedication to equality, we have no doubt that as a Senator, Hassan will continue her important work defending the rights of women at home and abroad and we are proud to be by her side.”