President-Elect Donald Trump: Dump Steve Bannon

Population Connection Action Fund released the following statement on the appointment of Steve Bannon to key White House post.

Statement from Brian Dixon, Senior Vice President of Population Connection Action Fund:

When Donald Trump claimed victory on election night he spoke about the need for Americans to come together.

After his appallingly divisive campaign, he has the responsibility to lead in that effort.

Naming Steve Bannon to a high level post in the White House makes clear that once again, Trump has no interest in unity. In fact, naming Bannon makes it clear that Trump sees division and hostility as key to governing.

America and the world face numerous challenges. Not one of them will be solved by promoting white nationalism at home and a fondness for authoritarianism abroad. It is both preposterous and disgusting that a man who has run a media home for the most virulent racism would be given the keys to the West Wing. It’s a slap in the face (or a tiny middle finger, if you will) to millions of our fellow citizens and billions of people around the world who look to the United States as a guide for inclusiveness and tolerance.

If Donald Trump is serious about bringing America together – and making America great – he’ll dump Bannon. And he’ll do it loudly, proudly and without hesitation.