Photo of Prabh Virk at Abortion Ban Rally


Former #Fight4HER organizer Prabh Virk rallies to end the Global Gag Rule in Washington, DC.

#Fight4HER was our grassroots campaign focused on expanding access to safe, affordable, and comprehensive reproductive health care worldwide by:

The Global Gag Rule penalizes foreign health care providers that provide a full range of information and services that are legal within their own countries. It stifles democratic participation by prohibiting assistance to organizations that speak out about the impact of unsafe abortion in their own countries.

The Helms Amendment has been used to ban foreign assistance from funding abortion services under any circumstances, even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the pregnant person.

It is simply impossible to have a serious discussion about reproductive health and maternal mortality in the developing world without discussing the importance of safe abortion access. The Global Gag Rule and the Helms Amendment are two of the most odious policies ever enacted on foreign assistance funding—they erode access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. And it is time for both policies to end, permanently.

Summer of HER

2019 HER Summit in Denver, CO
2019 HER Summit in Denver, CO

The Summer of HER (Health, Empowerment, and Rights) is a field project co-sponsored by Population Connection Action Fund and our sister organization, Population Connection. Fellows work in their communities, across the country, to build support to permanently end the cruel and callous Global Gag Rule.