Holiday Self Care for Activists

Written by Yasmeen Silva, National Field Manager | Published: November 16, 2021

With so much happening in the U.S. and around the globe, it can be hard to take a minute for yourself to regroup. As the holidays approach, it can become even harder, running around doing a million chores and errands and possibly having to share meals with people whose views counter your own. At Population Connection Action Fund, we are using this time to rest and recharge so we can be resilient in the continuing fight for Health, Empowerment, and Rights.

We asked staff how they practice self care. We hope that these suggestions inspire you to take some time for yourself:

For self care, I like to go on long runs in the woods or on the beach to refresh my mind and tune into my feelings.

–Alex Casey, Communication Fellow

I like to go on long walks while listening to a podcast I’m really into. The fresh air, movement, and getting absorbed in a story recharges me.

–Rebecca Harrington, Senior Director of Advocacy and Outreach

I really enjoy disconnecting by spending a whole day (usually a Sunday) making a big, delicious meal—anything from homemade pasta sauce to a crockpot stew to baked goods (or maybe even all three!). I always end up feeling relaxed, accomplished, and rewarded with good food. The best part? Leftovers for days!

–Lauren Salmiery, Advocacy Specialist

1. Outdoor exercise, because getting fresh air into the very bottom of my lungs reminds me the world is still turning. 2. Very hot baths, because relaxing my muscles feels good. 3. Chocolate, just because.

–Stacie Murphy, Director of Congressional Relations

Hiking in the woods with my dog and getting away from my phone and computer and even from other people gives me a peace of mind that I can’t find anywhere else. Being quiet and active in nature is so restorative!

–Marian Starkey, VP for Communications

After a long day of consuming terrible news (especially recently with all of the abortion bans and talk about turning back Roe v. Wade), I like doing a mud mask so my skin doesn’t look as sad as my heart, lol. I also take breaks from how much news I consume, but doing both together works wonders for my skin!

–Nancy Gomes, Digital Media Coordinator

I like to read fiction books. There is nothing like getting lost in a story to get out of your own head and imagine all the possibilities and the world you want to see.

–Yasmeen Silva, National Field Manager

Self care is definitely not one-size-fits-all, as you can see. But however you practice it, it is an important part of maintaining your activism for the long haul. We hope that our modes of self-care inspire you to deepen yours, or to try something new. You never know what may help ground you.