Global HER Act Reintroduced in House and Senate

Written by Marian Starkey | Published:


We’re pleased that Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Representatives Barbara Lee, Ami Bera, and Jan Schakowsky introduced the Global Health, Empowerment and Rights (HER) Act today. 

President Biden’s order lifting the Global Gag Rule is a crucial first step toward undoing the harm of that policy. But Congress must act quickly to pass this important bill to prevent a future president from reinstating the policy with the stroke of pen.  

U.S. support for family planning programs around the world has helped countless women and families improve their lives. Access to the full range of reproductive health care, including contraceptives and safe abortion, is crucial to health, autonomy, and economic security. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was right when she said that investing in these programs is essential to helping build “stronger families, stronger communities and stronger countries.” 

The Global Gag Rule has undermined reproductive health care for millions of people around the world. The Global HER Act can provide a sense of security to health care agencies and, more importantly, the people who rely on them for care throughout the developing world.  

We urge swift passage of this bill.  

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