Leaked Supreme Court Draft Decision Is an Outrage

Written by Brian Dixon, Senior Vice President for Governmental and Political Affairs | Published: May 3, 2022


The leaked draft of an opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is horrifying and infuriating.

We feared this outcome when Mitch McConnell stole a seat on the Court for Neil Gorsuch. And when he ignored credible accusations that Brett Kavanaugh was a sexual predator. And again when he jammed through the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett just days before the election that turned out of office both Donald Trump, who nominated her, and the McConnell majority that confirmed her.

There is now no question that the McConnell-Trump Court is a threat to human rights and an affront to common decency. The majority of justices are little more than partisan apparatchiks dedicated only to consolidating power in the hands of their patrons.

We are committed to fighting to expand abortion rights in every corner of the world. It’s sad that much of that fight will have to take place in the United States. We know that reproductive freedom is crucial to health, autonomy, and economic security. Abortion rights are human rights, and we will not be silent.

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