#Fight4HER Rally to End Trump’s Global Gag Rule

Lafayette Square, Washington, DC


Photo: Bill Petros

Protect Champions of Reproductive Choice

When Roe fell earlier this year, the upcoming midterm elections took on new significance. Now, electing and re-electing pro-choice candidates is vital to Americans’ access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including modern family planning and safe abortion. 

There are only 5 weeks left until ELECTION DAY, November 8. Together, we can stop the dangerous ideologues pushing abortion restrictions and bans that threaten some of the most fundamental rights of women and girls. If you sign up to volunteer with Population Connection Action Fund this election season, you’ll be connected to phone banks, text banks, and on-the-ground canvassing opportunities in key districts in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Join the fight to protect champions of reproductive choice now!

After you sign up, you’ll begin receiving a special biweekly newsletter in addition to tailored action emails. The newsletter contains profiles of pro-choice candidates that Population Connection Action Fund endorsed, articles to keep you up-to-date on the latest abortion news, and actions you can take leading up to Election Day. These actions might include:

  1. Writing postcards to help encourage people to get to the polls.
  2. Calling voters in a certain district to make sure they know about their local pro-choice candidates (phone banking).
  3. Texting voters to have a conversation about why voting is important and why voting pro-choice matters more than ever (text banking).
  4. For those in Arizona, Nevada, or Pennsylvania, there will be opportunities to have conversations with voters in person (canvassing).

Volunteer to protect champions of reproductive choice!