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Fight back against Trump’s Global Gag Rule. Join the #Fight4HER

#Fight4HER is focused on mobilizing action against Trump’s Global Gag Rule and in support of the bill to block it, the Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights (HER) Act. We’ve partnered with seasoned grassroots leaders around the country to organize local communities to take direct action that puts pressure on members of Congress to support the Global HER Act.

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Population Connection Action Fund monitors
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family planning programs.
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It is vital that we elect people who support
family planning and understand the
importance of access to reproductive health
care to women and families around the world.

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Do you have a college class, student organization, or community group you’d like to introduce to Population Connection Action Fund’s mission? Our staff members are available to facilitate events or serve as guest speakers. Because outreach is part of our mission, there is never any charge for our participation. For information or to request a speaker, please contact us. Join the fight to elect candidates who understand that investment in family planning around the world improves the health of women, children, and families. These programs are constantly under attack by anti-birth control politicians in the United States. Together, we can ensure universal, affordable access to birth control the world over. Become a member today!

Take a look at our Activist Toolkit for ideas about how to get involved in our grassroots work. Become one of our engaged activists today and advocate for reproductive rights around the world!

Join us for Capitol Hill Days

Population Connection Action Fund invites you to join activists from across the country at our annual Capitol Hill Days event. You’ll spend a weekend in Washington, DC, hearing from a range of speakers on topics related to family planning, population, and the environment. You’ll also receive training on how to effectively lobby your elected officials. On Monday morning, you’ll head up to Capitol Hill for meetings with the offices of your members of Congress. It’s a fun, educational, and inspiring time for all. All are eligible to attend, and scholarships covering travel and lodging are available for students.

Due to covid-19, we turned Capitol Hill Days 2020 into a digital weekend of action, and guess what? It went great! Check back for a recap of the event soon!

CHD 2017 participants. Photo: Bill Petros.